Slab Panels

Deflection Vs Slab Thickness Thickness of slab concrete Ref Length L/325 Remark
200 mm 300 mm 450 mm 200 mm 300 mm 450 mm
Alu Panel 1800 x 900 mm Deflection Along Length (1.8 Member) 1.84 mm 2.76 mm 4.14 mm 1800 mm 33% 49.90% 74.86% OK upto 450 mm thk slab
Deflection Along Length (0.9 Member) 0.14 mm 0.216 mm 0.32 mm 900 mm 5% 8% 12% OK upto 450 mm thk slab


  • Above deflection calculation shown for Primary members of Alu Panels
  • We can pour concrete up to 450 mm thick safely on Alu Panel, But Below Supporting system has to be designed as per slab Thick and Height of floor

Filler Beam Assembly

Filler Beam Assembly

Crown & Panel Junction

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