Magic Oil (Shuttering Oil)

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Magic Oil

Old Black Oil VS New Manufactured Shuttering Oil

Old Black Oil

  1. Highly Infections For Applicators (Labor).
  2. No Formula for consumption per liter total application by assumption.
  3. Quality parameters zero. 0% Collected from small garages.
  4. Damages the plywood film due to high content of carbon and other scrap material from engine.
  5. Always in shortage as its input depends on Auto mobile garage.
  6. Delivery is always uncertain.
  7. Bought at scrap cost of Rs. 12/15 Per lit and sold at exobident cost 30/35 per lit.
  8. Transported in old drums.
  9. Entire trade is promoted by traders with out any know how.
  10. Highly flammable as mixed with kerosene and other dangerous chemical.
  11. Always sold without any know How of exact requirement of Construction Industry.

New Manufactured Shuttering Oil

  1. Easy & Clean Application Very Safe for skin and Non infections
  2. Consumption can be calculated 0.065 x Total Area = No of Lit.
  3. 100% Laboratory tested quality and used by leading contractors all over.
  4. Increases the number of reputation of plywood with money back guarantee.
  5. Easily Available any Qty just on a phone call. As it is manufactured and kept in stock.
  6. Committed service on time delivery no waiting.
  7. Uniform cost always 30/50 per lit.
  8. New company packing.
  9. Entire Trade is handled by a team of engineers & metalurgists.
  10. Totally safe & not at all flammable.
  11. Composition made as per and Requirement of Construction Industry with 100% Success Rate.

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