Column Clamps


Ideally suited for a wide range of column size and can be used with both steel or timber shuttering. These clamps have no loose parts. These are manufactured from 40×5/8 mm MS flat and are available in sizes of 2 ft., 21/2ft., 3ft. and 4ft.

Approx Weight:
2ft – 1.45 Kg.
2.5ft – 1.7 kg.
3ft – 1.95 Kg.
4ft – 2.4 kg.

Note: Special sizes available on order.

Important Tip: Always buy shikanja on Per Kg. basis not per no basis.

Production capacity per month: 15,000 / 18,000 nos.

Plastering Plank

Made from 20 * 20 * 1.5mm thick Square Tube or 25 * 25 * 1.5mm thick Square Tube. Complete Plank is Co2 Welded for more Durability and High Quality Welding Strength. Dip painted with one coat of enamel paint.

Regular Size: 0.3 * 2.5/3 mtr.long

We supply our products in Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Sangli, Satara, Jalgaon, Karad and various nearby cities of Goa and Karnataka.

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