Plyform Work

Available in M.S and Alluminum ‘F’ profile.

PLYFORM® is a latest technology in which plywood is used in combination with special steel profile section Frame. This system is very extensively used in major Countries throughout Asia & Europe. Plyform Pannels are lighter in weight as compared to regular MS Wallform System.

In shuttering plywood is always preferred in comparison to MS Plate due to a superior finish & MS Angle Plate are preferred due to its long life & durability. So Plyform is a combination of both.

Plyform is a very versatile system & can be used for Column, Retaining Walls, Lift duct etc. Plyform is much more economical in comparison to conventional MS Wallform & also Aluminum Formwork.


Plyform Frame is made from special steel section which is light in weight & is made to order. 12mm good Quality plywood is riveted using Aluminum Rivet. Fixing of Plywood to pannel is optional can also be fixed on site by the contractor.

Corner Angle: Right Angle corners are made to order if used in inner side of Retaining Wall & MS Slotted Angle is used for connecting Outer Pannels. Corner Angle are 65 x 6mm (Slotted).

Locking Pins: These are used for interlocking two panels.

Ties: Tie Pattis are substitute to Tie Rods in Plyform Pannels. Ties are manufactured as per Column, Size or as per thickness of retaining wall.

Watter Stopper: (Plastic cap / cone) used in retaining structured to avoid holes through the structure while using Tierod The holes cause water leakage problems

J Hooks: Used to clamp 40NB Tube for support from outer side of the pannel in order to maintain proper line level of Shuttering.

Inside Corner

Lap Angle

Assembly of Pannels

Plyform Work

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