Cuplock Scaffolding System

This is a multi purpose system which is used for plastering, supporting structures, for lift machines (Hoist) etc. This system can be erected for straight, circular and also curved structures. This system has horizontal and vertical members. Horizontal members are locked to vertical members by cups provided to them. The cups on the vertical members are of malleable cast iron and the pipes used are of 40 NB pipe, forged blades are welded on both corners.

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Lock in the powerful support with our Cuplock system. Our cuplock scaffolding system is originally designed and manufactured specifically to cater for your needs. Our cuplock systems are perfect for your site- they are durable and ensure reliability even during harsh conditions, help in easy and quick erection for great heights while requiring no special tools it can even be done by unskilled labour, excellent rigidity due to welded constructions and cross bracings, ideal as access scaffolding & support staging for heavy structures, high slabs, bridger girders etc; comparing with the other cuplocks, our Cuplock System scaffolding has broad development and application prospects all over Pune, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Tejus’ Cuplock Scaffolding is a multi-purpose steel scaffolding system for all access, shoring and supporting vertical loads. We are the leading cuplock system manufacturer and supplier in Maharashtra. Our products go through rigorous testing and are 100% quality assured. We are very resourceful and understanding of the construction industry’s needs and therefore can supply a wide range of reliable top quality scaffolding which incorporates many well-proven and latest cost-effective innovations used by all the leading construction companies. At TEJUS, we promote engineered scaffolding and formwork.

Production Capacity – 200 Tons/month

Cuplock Scaffolding System Manufacturer in Pune 


Product Code Length c/c Weight
T905 2.0m 6.8kg
T906 1.2m 4.0kg
T907 1.5m 5.0kg

Note: Pipe as per BS 4360 N.B.M.S.Pipe OD 48.3 mm, Wall thickness 2.9 mm, Weight 3.25 Kg/m forged blade grade ‘2’ on other side. As per requirement Horizontals are tailor made.

Cuplock System Manufacturer in Pune

Cuplock System

The cuplock system is the joint that  holds the scaffolds together. We provide the most sturdy and durable cuplock system scaffolding. Tejus is the top cuplock system scaffolding manufacturer and cuplock scaffolding suppliers in Maharashtra.


200/300 mm long for making vertical connections.

These spigots are drilled with Two Holes to receive locking pins / Nut Bolting.

Product Code Length c/c Weight
T914 0.3m 0.8kg

Note: 3 mm thick 38 OD pipe.

Cuplock System Manufacturer in Pune


Verticals are provided in four basic sizes with cup joints welded at 500 mm, intervals. The captive top cups are of malleable casting to endure rough site handling, and welded bottom cups are pressed from high-quality steel.

Product Code Length c/c Weight
T901 3.0m 14.97kg
T902 2.5m 12.97kg
T903 2.0m 10.00kg
T904 1.5m 7.4kg

Note: Pipe as per BS 4360 N.B.M.S.Pipe OD 48.3 mm, Wall thickness 2.9 mm, Weight 3.25 Kg/m forged blade grade ‘2’on other side. As per requirement Verticals are tailor made.

Cuplock Scaffolding System

Cuplock Scaffolding System Manufacturer and Supplier

Adjustable Stirrup Head / Base Plates / Universal Jack

These are manufactured by process of Thread Rolling either on solid bar 32/36 mm or Hollow pipe 38mm Dia 4mm Thick. These are available with a ‘U’ head 70x110x70 mm OR Base Plate 150x150x6mm OR also available without any attachmentie, universal Jack. These are available in different length 350/450/650 long or can also be made to order as required, These are used for final height adjustment of scaffolding at top or bottom.

Top Cup – Malleable cast iron 3 lug./4 lug.
Bottom cup – Made out of 4 mm press metal.
Ledger Blade – Manufactured of forged special steel

Cuplock System Manufacturer in Pune

We supply our products in Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Sangli, Satara, Jalgaon, Karad and various nearby cities of Goa and Karnataka.

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