Roll Threaded Adjustable Steel Props

These are made of 40 mm NB inner pipe which moves telescopically in the outer pipe of 50 mm NB.

The tubes conform to IS: 1161, YST 210 Grade of medium class. Outer 60.3 mm OD and Inner 48.3 mm OD, Beyond 3.6 m height, inner tube is to be braced in both directions after the threaded end of outer tube by Double Couplers. Heavy Duty Cast Iron malleable Nuts are used. They are available in Stirrup Head, Flat plates or Beam head. Beam head is a separate attachment.

Adjustable Steel Props

Adjustable Steel Props Manufacturer and Supplier

Tejus offers the most sturdy and durable adjustable steel props. Tejus’s steel props for construction are robust and ideal solutions. These adjustable props are quality tested. They go through strict three levels of quality control- The first level is the quality test on the production line. The second level is the quality test during warehousing.

The third level is the quality test before loading. We undertake the designing and manufacturing of tailor-made adjustable steel props to suit specific individual requirements. Our services include closed interaction with the client during different stages of tendering, planning and execution. Our adjustable steel props are the best companion for your construction and are built to last. Tejus is one of the best construction props manufacturers in Maharashtra and a renowned steel props supplier in Maharashtra. We supply our steel props in Pune, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Adjustable Steel Props Manufacturer in Pune

Adjustable Steel Props manufacturer in pune
Size Height Closed Mtrs Height Extended Mtrs Safe Axial Load Closed kgs Safe Axial Load Extended kgs
on 1.10 1.75 3500 3000
1N 1.50 2.75 3200 2300
2N 2.00 3.25 3000 2200
3N 2.00 3.75 2900 2000
4N 3.00 4.50 2300 1150

Jumbo Prop

These are made out of outer 65 NB, 76 mm OD and 50 NB 60.3 mm OD inner pipe as per IS standards.

Specially designed for Heavy loads. Widely used in infrastructure products.

Roll Threaded Outers

Roll Threaded cuter is a recent innovation in the scaffolding industry. Which has replaced the cut-thread process. In rolled threading method excess material is pressed into the pipe thus preventing wastage of material. Thereby increasing its load-taking capacity. These are made from 50NB tubes of special grade as per IS standards.

Special Anti Corrosive Chemical Threaded Outers

steel props suppliers in pune
steel props suppliers in maharashtra

We supply our products in Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Sangli, Satara, Jalgaon, Karad and various nearby cities of Goa and Karnataka.

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