This ended when Constantius II conducted a purge of many of his relatives shortly after Constantine’s death in 337, particularly targeting the families of Constantine’s half-brothers. Ulian and Gallus were spared, probably due to their young age. Julian was put under the care of Mardonius, a Scythian eunuch who had tutored his mother, in 339, and was raised in the Greek philosophical tradition, and probably lived in Nicomedia. Ammianus also supplied the fact that while in Nicomedia, Julian was cared for by the local bishop Eusebius, of whom the future emperor was a distant relation.

He died on February 17, 364 after a reign of eight months. Shapur pressed his advantage and Jovian, deep inside Sassanid territory, was forced to sue for peace on very unfavourable terms. In exchange for safety he agreed to withdraw from the provinces east of the Tigris that Diocletian had annexed and allow the Persians to occupy the fortresses of Nisbis, Castra Maurorum and Singara. The King of Armenia, Arsaces, was to stay neutral in future conflicts between the two empires, and was forced to cede some of his kingdom to Shapur. The treaty was seen as a disgrace and Jovian rapidly lost popularity.

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Eventually the papal legate Cardinal Humbert excommunicated Patriarch Michael Keroularios, to which Keroularios responded in kind. Although this is not the definitive act that it was once portrayed as, it nevertheless highlights the tensions growing between East and West, as well as between emperor and patriarch. Constantine had hoped for an alliance with the papacy against the Norman threat in southern Italy. Keroularios was to gain great prestige from this point, essentially running the government of Michael VI and playing kingmaker for Isaakios I Komnenos. In economic matters, Constantine’s reign saw the continued expansion of aristocratic estates and the first substantial debasement of the Byzantine gold coin—the dollar of the Middle Ages—since its creation seven hundred years earlier.
The tie-in between heads of corn and reincarnation is therefore obvious – especially at a time when Druidism and Celtic/Atlantic religion was under great threat. The Parisii further modified the coin template by feminising the head on the obverse side. There are no ‘sun wheels’ as seen in many British coins. As with the seals of Romanos III and Michael IV, those of Constantine IX maintain the bust of Christ with the “Emmanuel” inscription on the obverse. The obverse side of Constantine’s seals resemble those of his immediate predecessors. The emperor is shown wearing a loros and crown, and holding a globus cruciger and scepter.

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Plate 20 Caesarea ad Libanum in Phoenikia Coins of ad 219–222 The Vita of the emperor Severus Alexander connects the birth and conception of the emperor with Alexander. During a festival in honour of Alexander the emperor’s mother allegedly gave birth in the local temple. And his birthday is, according to the Historia Augusta, the same day Alexander III departed this life. The place of his birth, though, may have been Caesarea and there is some possibility that a festival such as the one described in our sources may actually have taken place during the third century ad. The story told in Severus Alexander’s biography presents itself as one of a number of reports attempting to explain the emperor’s veneration of Alexander and is written after the event. There is no further detail known of the character of this feast in Caesarea and nothing about a local founder story, but a number of coins may relate to a contemporary construction of an Alexander tradition.

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The Genius told Julian that it had often tried to bestow high honors upon Julian but had been rebuffed. Now, the Genius went on to say, was Julian’s final chance to take the power that was rightfully his. If the Caesar refused this chance, the Genius would depart forever, and both Julian and the state would rue Julian’s rejection. Julian himself wrote a letter to his friend Maximus of Ephesus in November of 361 detailing his thoughts on his proclamation. In this letter, Julian stated that the soldiers proclaimed him Augustus against his will. Julian, however, defended his accession, saying that the gods willed it and that he had treated his enemies with clemency and justice. He went on to say that he led the troops in propitiating the traditional deities, because the gods commanded him to return to the traditional rites, and would reward him if he fulfilled this duty.

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  • The west also suffered more heavily from the instability of the 3rd century AD.
  • Coin of Adeddomaros – the allusion to heads of corn is gone, and the opposed crescent symbol is more obvious, as is the branch under the horse’s feet.
  • This letter berated Constantius for forcing the troops in Gaul into an untenable situation.
  • Procopius took part in the emperor Julian’s campaign against the Persian Empire in 363.
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Various Christian sources maintain that Jovian’s Christianity led to his deposition by Julian, though most modern scholars dismiss this as ex post facto Christian apologetic. Jovian, recalled to the ranks if he had ever been dismissed, marched with Julian against Sapor in 363, and on 27 June, the day after that emperor’s death, was acclaimed Augustus. In fact Julian himself spoke of his conversion to Neo-Platonism in a letter to the Alexandrians written in 363. He stated that he had abandoned Christianity when he was twenty years old and been an adherent of the traditional Greco-Roman deities for the twelve years prior to writing this letter. His father was Julius Constantius, half-brother of the emperor Constantine through Constantius Chlorus, and his mother was Basilina, Julius’ second wife. Julian had two half-brothers via Julius’ first marriage. One of these was Gallus, who played a major role in Julian’s life. Julian appeared destined for a bright future via his father’s connection to the Constantinian house. After many years of tense relations with his three half-brothers, Constantine seemed to have welcomed them into the fold of the imperial family.
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